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Introducing Myself 2019 WE ARE ONE
MPH arts LLC

Introducing Myself 2019 WE ARE ONE


Introducing Myself 2019, hosted at the Box Gallery in West Palm Beach, FL, gathered amazing local, national, and international storytellers that came together to move and show their love and support for the Bahamas as they went through the terrible natural disaster, Hurricane Dorian that destroyed their homes, schools, and any chance for the population to get back to their regular lives, some of them facing deaths, injuries, and illnesses caused by the destruction also of their hospitals or any refugee. 


On September 15th, 2019 Introducing Myself including all of the amazing artists, storytellers and supporters raised a total of $1,230 that was donated to the Bahamas Relief Cruise, an organization that has been helping The Bahamas in any way that has been possible.


Thank you to all of our supporters for the change you made in our lives, and the change we are making in the world.