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Supporting Dance Dreams: Join us in Building a Foundation for Hope. Your Financial Support Helps Us Aid Those Affected by Trauma on Their Journey to Pursue Their Creative Passion. Make a Difference Today!

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing and inclusive space of time, where a seed of hope is planted in the hearts of our participants through the healing power of dance

and the arts.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a holistic haven, integrating the therapeutic power of dance and the arts with physical, and mental support. By fostering an inclusive environment and providing comprehensive resources.


Presented by Maria & Josue,
Founders at WCSWS Inc

Fueled by personal experience—a near-death car accident for Maria Hernandez and Josue Cordoba—the foundation is driven by a mission to support dancers and artists who have been derailed by traumatic events.

What we're building at WCSWS


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