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Supporting Dance Dreams: Join us in Building a Foundation for Hope. Your Financial Support Helps Us Aid Those Affected by Trauma on Their Journey to Pursue Their Creative Passion. Make a Difference Today!

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing and inclusive space of time, where a seed of hope is planted in the hearts of our participants through the healing power of dance

and the arts.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a holistic haven, integrating the therapeutic power of dance while also incorporating music, visual arts, and other artistic expressions, with physical and mental support. By fostering an inclusive environment and providing comprehensive resources.


Presented by Maria & Josue,
Founders at WCSWS Inc

Fueled by personal experience—a near-death car accident for Maria Hernandez and Josue Cordoba—the foundation is driven by a mission to support dancers and artists who have been derailed by traumatic events.

What we're building at WCSWS


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