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Introducing Myself is a story. A story of a young woman, that had found love for what she calls her passion, a beautiful art form we know as Dance. On May 1st, 2015, she was forced to stop, because of a car accident that almost took her life away. After nearly two long years of constant therapy, surgeries, and more therapy, in a rush to be able to go back to how she used to be, she had to stop and face the most difficult injury to be able to fully recuperate... the injury she suffered to her soul. She lost herself and had to face the fact that she would never be who she was before. She had to start life again and continue healing not only her vehicle, or her physical body, but her psychological, emotional, and spiritual self. She currently teaches Hip Hop, and different movement classes, as she is still very passionate about dance, the art form that saved her, but it turns out she had found something more significant than love for dance, she found a community, a community full of love and support, acceptance and joy, a community that through unity of prayer and love helped her get back to dance. She found God and the meaning of unconditional love. So she decided to team up with other artists, artists from the community we are talking about, so they could tell their stories and use their gifts to give to others, to be a community of love not only for them but for anyone else that needs it. As she says - We are not meant to be alone, we are here to love each other, and what a better way to do it than creating love, and being what we were meant to be: The art of LOVE

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