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Honest conversations about Dance, Surviving Trauma , and Being Human

I don't JUST ONLY love #DANCE.

I love many other artforms, I have many other passions.

But there is nothing. NOTHING else that fills me up the way #DANCE does.

That is simply. What I came to Earth to do. #DANCE

But there are moments, where my body is so tired, and in so much #pain, I honestly, don't feel like dancing. And today, being one of those moments... I was inspired to write.

Writing is something I love doing as well, although having to deal with #nervedamage on my right hand hasn't allowed me to enjoy it as much as I did since it becomes painful.

And, honestly, that's what everything I enjoyed, became... #painful.

The reason I had to tap into my other #passions, and allow them to help me express and let out. But I simply couldn't find anything else that helped me release and express SO MUCH... the closest thing has probably been singing, but singing has so much pressure put on you... that I just rather stick to dancing, choreographing, and teaching... my dream is to be able to see the exact visions I create in my brain, on the stage and on camera. And I know it will happen.

I absolutely love my students, and every single one of my classes. But I can't get what I want. Ever... and I laugh... which is completely fine, they are learning. We should just have more than 1 day of training at least. But I will continue working on it. It will happen...

Choreographing and teaching still helps me release. A LOT. I am grateful for my classes that allow me to GO OFF! Because they love it, and they WANT IT.

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